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Best Places to Live in St. Catharines

I’m a St. Catharines boy, through and through. When I think home, I think of this amazing city. After getting into real estate, my vision was to do most of my business in St. Catharines; not just because it’s my home but because the people here have a certain flavour that I know and love!

That being said, different neighbourhoods have different flavours, so I decided I would rank the top 5 neighbourhoods based on my personal preferences and general desirability by the majority of home owners and home buyers. So here are my top 5 neighbourhoods (in no particular order).



Port Dalhousie is probably the most famous neighbourhood in St. Catharines because of Lakeside Park, the Beach and of course the merry-go-round. Port Dalhousie has the feeling of a small town, with plenty of local restaurants and shops all within a couple blocks from each other. If you’re looking to move this close to the water, you’re most likely going to pay a pretty penny as Port Dalhousie is one of the most coveted neighbourhoods to live in.



By far the biggest neighbourhood in St. Catharines, North End consists of the majority of St. Catharines north of the QEW. I absolutely love the mature trees, wide roads and family-like atmosphere that accompanies the North End. With the perfect mixture of amenities and quiet neighbourhoods, the North End is a great place to live for people in all walks of life.



Louth is the only neighbourhood in St. Catharines that is centred around agriculture and rural properties. For those wanting to live in St. Catharines with a bit of property and space, this is the place to be! There has been a lot of development on Fourth Avenue, which is very close to these country properties, which gives you the added bonus of having amenities extremely close by.



Another fantastic family-friendly neighbourhood, Fitzgerald is booming with young families and is centred around the new Harriet Tubman Public School as well as the fantastic splash pad at Catherine Street park. With one of the most famous bakeries in St. Catharines as well (Mitchell’s Bakery), this neighbourhood is full of potential and offers a very good price point for young families to get into the real estate market.



I have combined a couple of neighbourhoods into one, but I couldn’t leave anyone of these off the list and they are all right beside each other. Glenridge features St. Catharines finest character homes and great student rental potential with Brock University just up the road. Riverview has a north end feeling and stunning views while Power Glen has an amazing mix of history/culture with new development.


The truth of the matter is there are so many great places to live in this beautiful city outside of these neighbourhoods, but if you are looking to relocate to St. Catharines these are the neighbourhoods I would advise you to try to buy in. In terms of bang for your buck, I would consider St. Catharines to be the best value in all of Niagara. St. Catharines is a booming city and doing very well in terms of real estate. If you don’t know St. Catharines but are considering moving here, feel free to contact me for more information!

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